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Oak Stoves

In 2023, Oak Stoves commissioned Fireplace Ceramics Ltd to create two bespoke 3-piece refractory log sets for their premium range of pistol burner gas fires. The […]
Fireplace Ceramics

Clock Stoves

In 2023, Clock Stoves enlisted Fireplace Ceramics to develop a premium log set for their new gas stove range. Their aim was to enhance the realism […]
Fireplace Ceramics

Archer Fires Ltd

In April 2023, Archer Fires, a well-respected name in the fireplace industry, approached Fireplace Ceramics with an exciting challenge. Archer Fires wanted to launch a premium […]
Fireplace Ceramics

UK Industries Temporarily Onshoring Amid Red Sea Crisis

In the wake of the Red Sea conflict's upheaval on global shipping, UK industries are swiftly pivoting towards temporary onshoring. Faced with escalating disruptions and soaring costs, businesses are recalibrating their supply chain strategies to safeguard operations and ensure continuity. The emergence of onshoring presents a strategic response, offering control, resilience, and agility amidst ongoing uncertainty.

Allison Wright reveals the launch of Fireplace Ceramics Limited

Former Sirocco Fires boss, Allison Wright, ushers in a new era in refractory fuel bed manufacturing with Fireplace Ceramics Limited A new name in the design and production of high-quality, handmade, bespoke refractory fuel bed products arrived in February 2024.