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Oak Stoves

In 2023, Oak Stoves commissioned Fireplace Ceramics Ltd to create two bespoke 3-piece refractory log sets for their premium range of pistol burner gas fires. The […]
Fireplace Ceramics

Clock Stoves

In 2023, Clock Stoves enlisted Fireplace Ceramics to develop a premium log set for their new gas stove range. Their aim was to enhance the realism […]
Fireplace Ceramics

Archer Fires Ltd

In April 2023, Archer Fires, a well-respected name in the fireplace industry, approached Fireplace Ceramics with an exciting challenge. Archer Fires wanted to launch a premium […]
Fireplace Ceramics

What Makes Refractory Log Sets Superior to Other Materials for Gas Fires?

Discover the benefits of refractory log sets in gas fires, known for their superior aesthetics, durability, heat efficiency, and surpassing traditional ceramic and concrete options. Their customisable features and high safety standards make them the superior choice for gas fireplace installations.

How Do Customers Work with Fireplace Ceramics?

Explore how a leading UK manufacturer navigated supply chain challenges with Fireplace Ceramics, the UK's only manufacturer of refractory products. Fireplace Ceramics delivered superior quality log sets swiftly, exceeding expectations. Notably, cost savings of 5% and reduced lead times which bolstered operational efficiency while fostering new product development.